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Sauna Camp 2023

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29th September - 1st October 2023

A unique weekend festival based at Wowo Campsite run by Sauna Master UK and the team at Wild Spa Wowo.

Join us for three days of sauna, steam, knowledge sharing, collaboration, workshops and so much more.

This brand new event is currently in dreaming stage - so open to ideas and enter email below for updates.

If you would like to collaborate and offer something at this festival, please get in touch - Do you have a mobile sauna you would like to bring? Do you have a workshop you are keen to run? Do you just want to help out? E-mail Ellie on and let's chat!

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Current Ideas for Schedule - TBC


Arrivals and set-up camp in day, Sauna Sessions and Feast


Morning wake and shake & breakfast buffet

Daytime - Workshops, Sauna Demonstrations, Sauna Rituals

Evening Saunas and Dancing


Morning sauna and breakfast buffet

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