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Creating Wellness Playgrounds for the 21st Century

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Hey, Katie Bracher here, aka Sauna Master UK. I am on a mission to share the joy of thermal bathing with the people of the UK, creating wellness playgrounds and new bathing culture for the 21st century.


What I do

  • Consultancy - Pop-up spas and sauna development - including design and build.

  • Educate & Inform - speaking about sauna culture, design, practice and rituals.

  • Spa Management - my team hosts operations, creating events and experiences.

About me

My portfolio of projects covers the past 10 years, positioned at the forefront of the emerging UK sauna scene.

I am vice-chair of the British Sauna Society, executive board member of the International Sauna Association, own a Wild Spa in Sussex, design and build bespoke saunas and curate pop-up events through Widewater Sauna.

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My research into sauna culture informs both the design and use of my projects and I speak with passion, inspiring others to expand their concept of what sauna can be and to begin their own sauna journeys. 

I could be described as a sauna geek, or sauna expert. My friends call me the sauna queen. 


I specialise in creating experiences, and how that experience effects design, alongside a practical base for safe and effective sauna construction. Also considering the wider facilities that complete the experience (cool down/water experiences/relaxation areas etc) 

With skills, proven track record and business knowledge in place to get projects off the ground smoothly and efficiently.

My Vision

I believe it is possible create fantastic quality spa experiences at a SME scale, bringing more sauna to more people and that the growing sauna industry has an opportunity to become truly holistic, encompassing the wellbeing of community, workers and the planet. 


I am extensively connected in the international wellness and spa industry, and am forging strong connections with wisdom keepers in the ancient arts of bathing and ritual. My favourite place to be is at my Wild Spa Wowo, bathing in nature with friends.


Sauna and spa should be grounding, health giving and fun. Ideally in nature, or at least with fresh air available.

Lets take the spa out of the basement!

Some seminal career moments

  • Sauna Master for Barking Bath House & Southbank Centre Finnish Sauna projects. London, 2012 - 2017

  • Creator and co-founder of Beach Box Spa - a pop-up seaside sauna concept that sparked a wave of copycat businesses around the UK coastline
    Brighton, 2018 - 2022

  • Founding Director - Hackney Wick Community Sauna, London 2021 - 2022

  • Founder Wild Spa Wowo, Sauna Garden
    Sussex, 2022 - present

  • Co-founder & vice-chair of the British Sauna Society  an organisation dedicated to the development of sauna culture in the UK. 2014 - present

  • Executive board member of the International Sauna Association Board, the first woman. 2023 - present

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