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Bringing wisdom keepers and bath masters to the UK - hosting a range of trainings and experiences. 

These trainings are a basis for starting to learn about sauna ritual and practices.  It can be simply for the pleasure of sharing with family & friends or to start a deeper dive into the sauna world and a career.

We are in an exciting stage in the development of our UK sauna scene where we can try everything and see what fits our and will become key elements of UK sauna culture as it grows. There are a growing number of trained sauna masters working in the UK, and inspiring others to enhance their sauna experiences through sauna treatment and ritual.

There is also a great trend in creating 'wellness communities' that the sauna suits perfectly.

Many countries are steeped in sauna rituals; and ceremony Baltic whisking and pagan rituals, Russian whisking practices, central European aufguss rituals, Danish & Norwegian Saunagus, Finnish sauna practices, Inipi/Sweatlodge, South American Temescal,  Japanese Sento, Korean jjimjilbang, Turkist Hammam and many more. 

Sauna Master is a general term to describe those who hold space and care for people when they use the hot room  in any of the steam bathing traditions. Perhaps there is a new term - such as 'bath master', 'bath attendant' or similar still to be created... There are already the 'aufguss meisters' of central Eurpope, and whisking masters of the Baltics/Russia/Scandinavia.

I also host a range of events in and around the sauna, particularly at my wild spa in Sussex.

Sauna Master 101 - with Katie Bracher

What is a sauna master? How does bathing practice differ in countries around the world? How can I guide a sauna for my friends and family?


A 1 day workshop to give you insight and taste of bathing practices and sauna rituals from around the world. Content will vary based on group interests, but a taste of leaf whisking, aufguss, aromatherapy, smoke rituals and body treats will feature!

We will also cover basic sauna etiquette, health benefits of the sauna and sauna self-care.

With a theory/dry session introducing the tools and tips of the trade -  followed by a sauna experience where you get to try out what you've learned whilst having a delicious sauna experience. 

You will leave inspired and glowing, be warned once you get a taste for proper sauna, you'll be hooked!
This is not a certified course, more a taster and experience to get you started on your sauna master journey.

Various Locations | £125 per person (max 8 people per session)


Lithuanian Sauna Practice and Leaf Whisking

The International Bath Academy is a non-profit organisation delivering whisking and sauna bodywork training and developing international sauna community.

We have been closely working with the team since 2018. Birute is the lead trainer who regularly visits the UK for training sessions - she is a highly skilled and excellent teacher - always with a touch of magic too. With 30 years of experience, there are not many people in the world who can deliver the type of training that Birute offers, 

These courses give you a great understanding of how to understand the sauna climate, manipulate steam and use leaf whisks. Plus some simple tools to bring elemental sauna experiences to you guests.


Lithuanian ABC - Experience a classic Pirtis in this introduction to the ritual and leaf whisking (a fun experience event which is also part 1 of the Level 1 course)

Level 1 - Light Whisking and Sauna Bodywork

Level 2 - Small group practice, Full Body Whisking and Natural Spa Treatments

Birute also creates a range of specialist workshops for advanced practice eg. Emotional healing in the sauna space, Plant mythology, group practice... 

Aufguss Practice

Aufguss is the art of moving steam around the room using a towel or fan. Often incorporating aromatherapy and performance to create an experience and heat peak for the sauna guest.

Our Aufguss training days and weekends share towel techniques, how to craft an aufguss routine and aromatherapy - amongst other tools and tips for how to create a beautiful and impactful experience.

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