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Bringing highly experienced bath masters to the UK and hosting a range of trainings and experiences. 

These trainings are a basis for sharing sauna ritual for pleasure with family and friends or to start a deeper dive into the sauna world.
International Bath Academy

Is a non-profit organisation delivering whisking and sauna bodywork training and developing international sauna community.

We have been closely working with the team since 2018. Birute is the lead trainer who regularly visits the UK for training sessions - she is a highly skilled and excellent teacher - always with a touch of magic too.

These courses give you a great understanding of how to understand the sauna climate and manipulate steam. And some simple tools to bring elemental sauna experiences to you guests.


Lithuanian ABC - Experience a classic Pirtis in this introduction to the ritual and leaf whisking (a fun experience event which is also part 1 of the Level 1 course)

Level 1 - Light Whisking and Sauna Bodywork

Level 2 - Small group practice, Full Body Whisking and Natural Spa Treatments

Birute also creates a range of specialist workshops for advanced practice eg. Emotional healing in the sauna space, Plant mythology, group practice...

Aufguss Practice

Currently under development. Watch this space!

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