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A selection of projects that have inspired and informed this current iteration of my offerings. 



My seminal sauna business, after developing concepts and ideas in London.


I arrived in Brighton in 2017 inspired by my work in London at the Southbank Centre to put  pop-up authentic Finnish sauna experience to Brighton Beach.​


The concept expanded and developed as my knowledge and the business grew - eventually encompassing a range of sweat bathing practices from around the world, special events and 4 wood-fired saunas, in a well functioning format.


This spa was build from upcycled materials and created on a budget - pushing the boundaries of what a spa and sauna bathing experience could look like. The project kick started a wave of pop-up saunas across the UK. Since I left the business, it has continued successfully running in a new beach front location.




My second wild spa project, taking the off-grid spa from the beach to the forest.

Using experience gained from Beach Box - the set-up for this spa took just a few months. This is my timeline now for getting any new project off the ground.

I wanted to create a safe, healing space for people to relax and connect with nature. My experiment for this project was to create a 'glass-house' steam space, bringing light and nature to the hot room. Our forest room has been a great success, and is our most social space





I am confident when I say I am at the cutting edge of bathing culture. Since embarking on this adventure, I have travelled, researched and connected to a wide network of sauna and health practitioners. 

Thermal contrast bathing as a health practice, alongside the more esoteric ritual, self-care and community elements of sauna bathing - have captured my heart - and I inspire others to follow this path.

I have brought bath masters from across Europe to share their skills with the UK audience. (many originating in ancient times), and created events, online talks and meet-ups to inspire UK audience to expand their knowledge and creativity in the sauna space.

My Sauna Master 101 workshop is a day where I can share my knowledge and inspire.

I host visiting trainers with regular events at my spa, and these are continually expanding in size and theme. It seems the UK audience has an appetite for expanding their experience of the sauna. It can create community, differentiate the spa



Widewater Sauna

I have a practical family background, and spent the first 10 years of my career as a photographer and film producer. 

As a way to start-up on a budget, I built and designed each of my saunas and spa areas. I enjoy the process so much I now consult and build for individuals and companies, it's part of the work I do to bring quality bathing spaces to the UK. 


Passion and knowledge underpin a strong design and high technical specification using carefully chosen materials and a team of highly skilled craftspeople

International research into different bathing cultures informs my design process, with a wide range of professional connections and a deep understanding of sauna practices and rituals.

With an eye for detail, understanding of materials and interest in innovation, I bring something new and improved to each project.

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