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Katie Bracher is on a mission to share the beauty of thermal bathing with the people of the UK, creating wellness playgrounds for the 21st century, developing sauna experiences and holding trainings for sauna and bathing rituals. 


Her story places her at the forefront the emerging of UK sauna scene - as founder and creator of Beach Box Brighton - a pop-up seaside spa concept that sparked a wave of pop-up sauna businesses around the UK coastline & co-founder & vice-chair of the British Sauna Society. She has most recently been made a member of the International Sauna Association Board.


Her most recent project ‘Wild Spa Wowo” brings a ‘sauna garden’ style of public spa to the Sussex countryside.

We are in an exciting stage in the development of our UK sauna scene where we can try everything and see what sticks to becomes key elements of UK sauna culture as it grows. There are a growing number of trained sauna masters working in the UK, and inspiring others to enhance their sauna experiences through sauna treatment and ritual.

There is also a great trend in creating 'wellness communities' that the sauna suits perfectly.

Many countries are steeped in sauna rituals; Baltic whisking and pagan rituals, Russian whisking practices, central European aufguss rituals, Danish & Norwegian Saunagus, Finnish sauna practices, Inipi/Sweatlodge, South American Temescal,  Japanese Sento, Korean jjimjilbang, Turkist Hammam and many more. 

Sauna Master is a general term to describe those who hold space and care for people when they use the hot room  in any of the steam bathing traditions. Perhaps there is a new term - such as 'bath master', 'bath attendant' or similar still to be created... There are already the 'aufguss meisters' of central Eurpope, and whisking masters of the Baltics/Russia/Scandinavia.

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